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Access to time-based materials—sound recordings, video, and film—must be closely tied to preservation. If the content is not preserved, future generations will not have access to these materials for study and delight. As deteriorating analog originals are digitized for preservation, and as more born-digital content is created as part of daily life, collections caretakers are encountering a crisis in preserving these complex objects.

Left alone, digital files are not permanent. Files can lose bits, and if the lost data is critical, a file can be unreadable. Proprietary formats become obsolete, and storage media can fail. Newsreels, interviews, historical footage, home movies, oral histories, local and national radio and television public broadcasting, performance documentation, documentary outtakes—the world’s audiovisual cultural heritage is often held in archives unable to perform the laborious managed digital preservation actions to ensure the files’ longevity. Dedicating resources to audiovisual digital preservation, especially with the large filesizes common with digital time-based media, can exhaust an organization’s infrastructure.

The Audiovisual Archive Network (AVAN) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving time-based media held by non-profit organizations and individual creators. AVAN is founded and operated by archivists with deep understandings of preservation, technology, and metadata. There is no existing service specifically dedicated to helping archives and creators preserve their digital masters. AVAN has been created as one solution to this problem.

AVAN’s Digital Repository Service preserves digital files for archives and creators lacking infrastructure to manage digital preservation efforts themselves, ensuring that the content will be available for future generations. It is more than just storage; staff perform managed preservation actions to monitor files’ health, format obsolescence, and will migrate files to new media.

AVAN is a member of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) at the Library of Congress.

We are currently in a capital campaign to build AVAN and are asking for support from individuals and small organizations as a match to a potential funder. Donations can be in any amount, and are tax-deductible. Please click here for more information, or use the “Donate” button on this page.

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